Hair Product : Ginerva Olive Oil Hair Cream Review

Hi everyone, 

I’m going to review a hair product today.  It is the Ginerva Olive Oil hair cream that was a part of a haul I did in February (see here).  I haven’t heard anything about it but its ingredients list is quite interesting. Most hair products have a bunch of silicones or mineral oil on the top of their ingredients lists but the Ginerva Olive Oil Hair Cream has olive oil listed as the second ingredient, which I feel is pretty awesome. This is one of the reasons why I was excited to try it out, I felt that it could serve as a singular styling & nutritional product for my hair.

Price: S$4.5 / Rs. 213
Qty: 100 g / 3.5 fl. oz.
Availability: As of now, in Singapore.

Company Claims:
‘Reduces split ends, makes hair soft & smooth’
A unique & non greasy formula with olive oil to effectively nourish, condition, smoothen and style hair. It also contains Chamomile oil that can restore dull hair, reduce oily hair, split ends and protect it against harmful UV rays.

My experience with Ginerva Olive Oil Hair Cream :

My hair: waist length, medium thick, very dry, gets in to knots easily, has split ends, gets frizzy around the crown.

Although it isn’t written explicitly, I feel that this hair cream is a serum. I use it when my hair is all rinsed out but still damp. I need just a tiny pea sized amount – like any other serum. I have medium thick hair, not thin but not voluminous either (:[ ) so I need to take care to apply the right amount, too much will make my hair greasy. I take care to apply it first to the hair below ear and whatever is left I apply it to my crown. Then I comb through my hair

After effects:
My hair gets frizzy around the crown part and after I apply the Ginerva Olive Oil Hair Cream, it doesn’t get as frizzy. It also makes my hair and ends smooth and soft, just like it claims. My hair also knots less frequently. I feel that it is more effective if I blow dry and comb my hair after I apply it. Sadly, the effects are not long lasting, my hair is dry again after 1.5-2 days.

Overall Verdict: 3.5/5
I really wish that the Ginerva Olive Oil Hair Cream gave me long lasting smoothness coz I really need some in my hair! With all its good ingredients, its worth a try as it really works in smoothing hair and making it less frizzy. If you get a chance to purchase it from Singapore department stores or online, do check it out, the price doesn’t hurt either.