Bourjois Levres Contour Lip Liners Enjoleuse (11) and Rouge Soyeux (20) Review, Swatches, Price in India

If you have a ton of lipsticks like me, you’ll realize that there are some colors you love but unfortunately they don’t last long on your lips ! Like… the nudes & MLBBs. I love the Street Wear Ruby Riddle lipstick, it’s a lovely warm peach shade on me but it wears off soon! Lip pencils are a must have for lipstick lovers me who want to make their favorite shades last longer! I usually invest in a lipstick only after making sure its long lasting, but you can’t always be sure when you’re purchasing a newly launched item no ?

Let’s factor in lip glosses as well! I own few (just 5) out of which Maybelline’s Mirrored Mauve (LOVE the shade) has the least staying power and it’s a lovely one to wear daily. So how do we solve this recurring problem of low-weartime with our favorite lip colors ? 
[a] STOP buying them (gasp !!) [b] invest in a good lip liner or a lip primer.

Like any other makeup lover, I choose option (b) and purchased the Bourjois lip liners. I have the shades Enjoleuse (11) and Rouge Soyeux (20) cause lip primers aren’t mainstream in India, ‘ya know. Read on to know more about them ^_^

Bourjois Levres Contour Lip Liners Enjoleuse (11) and Rouge Soyeux (20) Review Swatches Price in India

Company Claims:

High definition and long-wearing lip liner for ultra lip comfort.
Its ultra-soft khol tip draws a smooth and precise lip contour to line the lips and prevents your lipstick from running for hours on end!
Enriched with mineral and plant pigments (rose and green tea) it is good for your skin. The formula is easy to blend, comfortable and smoothly glides onto the lips, leaving a soft velvety finish
Bourjois Levres Contour lip liners are available in 12 Shades: 

Enjoleuse (11), Facetieuse (12), Coquette (13), Rouge Seduction (14), Rose Precieux (15), Extravagante (16), Prun Caresse (17), Framboise Exquise (18), Sienne Kiss (19), Rouge Soyeux (20), Brun Auburn (21), Peche Voluptueuse (22). 

My experience with Bourjois Levres Contour Lip Liners: 

Enjoleuse (11) is french for ‘coaxing’. The shade is a gorgeous light pink color having neutral undertones. I love light pink colors, especially those that suit me. Enjoleuse suits my very warm & yellow skintone. Its almost a nude pink, it will be an everyday pink on fairer skintones. Somehow, it is an everyday pink on my medium skintone (I’m NC42 in MAC Pro Long Wear), however I’ve seen it look like nude on people having same skintone as me! I guess the color will depend varying on your undertone. I’ve seen Enjoleuse being described as a pink-brown but honestly, I can’t see any brown to it! Just look at the swatches and tell me if I’m missing the brown tinge! I like to use this shade under nude & everyday suitable lipsticks (like MLBBs, soft pinks).

Bourjois Levres Contour Lip Liners Enjoleuse (11) and Rouge Soyeux (20) Review Swatches Price in India

 Enjoleuse is very pigmented & covers lip pigmentation, however, it is also very matte. My lips need to be exfoliated or at least moisturized and unchapped prior to its use. If worn alone, it feels very dry & emphasizes dryness on lips unless you moisturize them beforehand. Despite of its matte texture, it applies smoothly. 

Bourjois Levres Contour Lip Liners Enjoleuse (11) and Rouge Soyeux (20) Review Swatches Price in India

Now, for the true test….. Enjoleuse does make my lipsticks last longer, it also prevents them from feathering, however it does not control transfer :/ I’m not sure if lip liners are supposed to do that but if I wear a very creamy lipstick (like the Revlon Colorburst lipsticks) it lasts for a longer time over Enjoleuse but it does transfer everywhere. The lipsticks I wear over Enjoleuse wear off from the center of my bottom lip with water & snacks however the lip liner stays in place. You do need to touch up after meals, especially if you eat oily food. I wore this lip liner alone for my graduation day for about 5-6 hours and I was impressed by its performance, it did not feel uncomfortable because I had moisturised my lips with the Carmex lip balm beforehand. It wore off from a bit from my bottom lip when I had sweets (coz they are oily!).

Rouge Soyeux (20) is french for ‘silky red’, what a great name!

Bourjois Levres Contour Lip Liners Enjoleuse (11) and Rouge Soyeux (20) Review Swatches Price in India

I bought this shade, only because it’s a dupe of MAC Ruby Woo (thanks to Cynthia of Indian Vanity Case for the info!). Ruby Woo lipstick is supposed to be a must-have but I can’t bring myself to splurge on a shade I will rarely wear, so enter Rouge Soyeux (20), a bright pinky-red with a subtle blue undertone. Unlike Enjoleuse, Rouge Soyeux does not apply smoothly, infact it feels dry like a crayon and its tip needs to be sharpened to a fine point so that you can apply the color with ease. It is drying to wear but so is Ruby Woo I hear! 

Bourjois Levres Contour Lip Liners Enjoleuse (11) and Rouge Soyeux (20) Review Swatches Price in India

I haven’t tested this one out much because I rarely wear reds, but if you want a Ruby Woo dupe for cheap, make sure you buy lip liner Rouge Soyeux (20) and NOT Rouge Seduction (14)  {which doesn’t seem like a blue toned red}. Check out Cynthia’s post here. I also think its important to have a lip liner for such bright colors because it makes applying lipstick much easier!


Bourjois Levres Contour Lip Liners Enjoleuse (11) and Rouge Soyeux (20) Review Swatches Price in India

Price Vs Product:
Price: Rs.295 / $4.64 each
Qty: 1.12g /  0.03 oz.
Availability : Koovs | Nykaa | Amazon | Flipkart (on sale here)

Cons: They need to be sharpened! This leads to A LOT of wastage, you’ll need to buy the lip liner every month if you use it regularly. Given the dry texture of the lip liners, I feel that a wooden pencil form is the best because if it was a twist-up style, the lip liner would keep breaking off whenever you tried to apply it. Bourjois products are not sealed & SAs in India just open up the fresh products :/

Overall Verdict: 5/5

Yes they are drying, but that’s what makes them long lasting! For the price, I can’t complain much, I plan to buy at least one more shade and backups of the shades in my collection coz I love the colors! They are available in lots of colors and you’ll surely find something to love in the collection!