Cheap & Chic : Nail Polish Remover Wipes from eBay

Have you ever tried nail polish remover wipes/pads? They are awesome! A must-have for any girl, really. Its literally one swipe & whoosh, your nails are clean of any nail polish. They also contain oil so you can condition your nails while cleaning them. Its such a refreshing feeling, compared to using Nail Polish removing liquids, because even though they are acetone free, my nails feel dry after using them. I first heard about these from my sister, she had gotten a box of just for Rs.50. But those were not available anywhere so I searched online & I found wipes from Bare Essentials but I was not willing to pay Rs.140 for them when I knew that the real cost is much cheaper. So ultimately, I found a good deal on eBay and decided to go ahead with it. I’m very happy with my purchase, these nail polish remover wipes are cheap and effective!  They are very thin wipes/pads that remove + condition the nails. They leave your nails oily, but its okay, it can be washed off. I won't really call the effect of the oil conditioning though. One wipe/pad is good enough for 5 nails. The only time I faced a problem was when I was trying to remove glitter polishes, I needed one wipe/pad per nail in this case.

Price : Rs.155 for 3 boxes, number of wipes/pads in each box is not mentioned. They are available in a variety of flavors but you can't select the flavors, they are randomly given.
Its Acetone & Toluene free

The one reason you really need nail polish remover wipes is because they are a great quick fix and a great alternative to carrying a bottle of polish remover and cotton balls.

I definitely recommend all of you to try them out, they make life so simple!

Update : they are also available on Shop Clues