Empties #2 - Empties And Some Nearly-Empties

So finally my second empties is here! Yay! I never thought I’d reach here so soon :P This time I have stuff that’s completely finished and stuff that’s nearly about to, just like 2-3mls of the product left.  A lot of the products haven’t been reviewed here so I’ve kept a couple of mini reviews in here as well. For more mini-reviews check out my Empties #1 post and Skin care post.

(These are the nearly empties)

Victoria's Secret Sheer Love Mist, Pucelle, Neutrogena Pure Mild Cleanser
(l-r) VS Mist, Pucelle Mist, Neutrogena Cleanser

Victoria’s Secret Mist in Sheer Love:
I didn’t like this fragrance at the start but it kind of grew on me. VS mists last you all day in the sense that they do not mix up with your body odour and smell different. At the end of the day whenever I smell the body parts where I had applied this, they still had the same smell, though intensity was not as much as when I freshly apply the mist. This has made be look more into VS mists and buy the ones I mentioned HERE, and I have no regrets shelling out Rs.700+ for a bottle. Victoria’s Secret mists are available at Flipkart and Nykaa, you can also get them at those beauty shops which sell imported stuff. I have another VS mist called ‘Ocean Bloom’ and I just LOVE that fragrance, I’ll be repurchasing more once that one gets over, or I might try some perfumes!

Pucelle Tropical Mist Cologne:
Before I discovered VS mists, this was my go to and I’ve repurchased dozens of bottles. I’m not a perfume kinda gal, I find one that I love and stick to it. But for everyday wear I prefer mists over perfumes. This one has a lovely fresh fragrance and I used to use it daily before I started using VS. During summers I rediscovered it and I’ve been wearing it just to finish it. I won’t repurchase coz I like VS mists better simply because this one doesn’t last for long and requires me to keep reapplying it. I don't remember the price I got it for. Available at Nykaa.

Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Cleanser(Review HERE): 
I have a reviewed this last year and my views have not changed since then. This has just a few washes left! Rs.270

Since summer just got over, there’s lot of summer essentials that got over like the mists up there and the sunscreen down below

Vichy Capital Soleil Sunscreen, Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunscreen
(l-r) Vichy Sunscreen, Neutrogena sunscreen
Vichy Capital Soleil SPF50: 
I had this 15ml sample of sunscreen that I never used and this year I discovered that its expired, so I just had to get rid of it!

Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock
Summer just got over and I would have been surprised if I had not finished a sunscreen! This one is one of my most repurchased sunscreens. It works well with my combination-oily skin compared to other sunscreens that I’ve tried. I do need to reapply it every few hours but that’s the case with most sunscreens. I’ve already repurchased it. More on this HERE. Rs.175 for 30ml. You can purchase it from Nykaa at 15% off.


Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara, Maybelline HyperSharp Eye Liner
(l-r) Maybelline hypercurl mascara, Maybelline hypersharp eye liner
Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara(Review HERE):
I recently realized that its been six months since I’m using this which means its time to kick it to the curb. I’m currently mascara-less at the moment because I’m not sure if I should repurchase this or try a new one. That’s a classic problem right…Should you go for the ‘old but good’ or take a risk and try something new? Rs.275 can be brought from Flipkart.

Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner: 
I actually didn’t finish this, I reached for this one once and discovered that its dried up because the cap got separated from the body. Who did that?…I didn’t! Well anyways, I was heartbroken and I haven’t repurchased it because I want to try a new one, preferably a one who’s cap clicks shut so that I know that its closed properly. Rs.375

Sally Hansen Kwik Off Moisturizing Nail Color Remover:

Sally Hansen Kwik Off Moisturizing Nail Color Remover

Can I just say disappointing product of the year? This worked really well and though required more effort than I would normally like to give, it removed my polish and left a nice fragrance on my fingers. It wasn’t that much moisturizing but it wasn’t dry either. So what’s the problem you ask....well see the left side of the pic. The remover is left and yet it doesn’t remove my polish. My guess is that this happened because a lot of nail polish residue is also mixed with the polish remover. I’m not impressed with this sponge style of remover, its convenient at times but look at the wastage! Rs.385

Well that's it for Empties #2, let’s hope I have more makeup empties next time and do let me know what you managed to finish this month. Also, if you have some suggestions for mascara and liquid eye liner please mention them.