Empties #1 - A post I thought I'd never do!

Whoa! Here’s one post I never thought I’d do. I’ve barely finished any makeup product in my life. Most of the stuff I manage to finish is skin care and bath related, but only if I don’t get bored of using them before they get empty. This isn’t a planned post, I didn’t set a target to finish x products by this month, I just happened to successfully finish a lot of products around the same time. Whilst recovering from the semi-shock and awe that I actually managed to do so, I decided to do a tiny post including their mini-reviews, because I’ve never talked about them on my blog. These products were finished around the mid May actually, yes, it took me so long just to take their pictures. 

Here’s what I managed to get rid of!:

Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub and Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser:
The scrub is very fine and non-abrasive. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like a scrub. Its very good for gentle daily exfoliation for my combination skin but I’ve seen no difference on the blackheads on my nose(only ones I have). I’ve been using it since July and it got over in May which means its very good value for money. During winters I used it every alternate day but otherwise, it was used daily.
       The Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser is meant for oily skin types only. One wash with this and your face will be striped off all impurities. It can give that dry stretchy feeling sometimes when I’m not regular with my moisturizer. But its my favourite cleanser for the summer season because it leaves my face instantly fresh and dirt, sweat free.
Both of these are fragrance free and neither caused any break outs for me. I love both of them and I’ve already repurchased.

Lotus Herbal’s Vanilla Velvet Daily Body Lotion and Johnson’s Baby Milk Cream are right out of my winter skin care routine. I finished them by the start of May actually. I love both of them because they’re extremely moisturizing for my super dry skin. The baby cream was used as a hand cream, its thick but absorbs easily and leaves the skin very smooth and soft. The Vanilla Velvet lotion is quite thin and absorbs super fast into the skin. Neither of them give that greasy feeling but they’re not as thin as TBS lotions either. The baby cream is fragrance free and the lotion has a light, non-over powering vanilla scent which I like a lot! I will definitely repurchase both again during winters, unless I find better alternatives.

L’Oreal Fall Repair 3X Shampoo and Conditioner:
The shampoo is actually a go-to product for me. I don’t have hair fall problem but I use these two anyways because they suit my hair. All those that I’ve used before have damaged my hair. The shampoo is nice and cleans hair with a single use itself(I wash my hair once in 3 days) but the conditioner isn’t suitable for my dry ends. Since I use a mask every alternate wash, it isn’t such a big deal to me. I also use hair oil sometimes and serum other times to take care of my dry ends. I have repurchased both, but I’m on the lookout for a better conditioner.  They’re not fragrance free, but I  like the smell, it’s a typical ‘L’Oreal hair product’ smell.

Marks and Spencer Creamy Coconut Shower Gel:
I was super excited about this, when I got it back in January. It smells wonderful, like a coconut flavoured biscuit, I’m not a fan of coconuts so I was happy that it doesn’t smell that coconut-y. Apart from the smell, there’s nothing I like about this shower gel. It’s a gel liquid, which is not moisturizing, and makes me feel soapy even after I’ve used buckets of water. It has very high SLS content. Will not repurchase again.

So that’s it for my empties- 7 products are not so bad right? I wouldn’t expect another empties post anytime soon though :P

Is it hard for you to finish products as well? Or are you a pro at it? Comment below and let me know!