8 Things that Keep Me Hooked on to technology ALL.THE.TIME

Being a beauty blogger and an engineering student is hard work! Its like being two different people, at the same time. I constantly have to carry my laptop, external hard disk, phone and camera with me, wherever I go; there’s always some picture to take, some post to edit, or some blog to check out. And don’t get me started on the social media feeds I have to check out multiple times in a day. Honestly, I wish I had a tablet, then I wouldn’t have to lug my laptop, phone and camera with me to everywhere I go. I would need just one tool for all!

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Also, this article is 100% honest and is written by me. I actually do all the things I’ve mentioned here. This is NOT a sponsored post.

Here are 8 things that keep me hooked onto technology and will keep me glued to ‘Transformer T100’ no matter where I am:

1. My blog:
Ok so this is a no-brainer. My blogger account is logged into all the time in my laptop. The Blogger ios app is pretty basic and not very helpful in terms of viewing stats and comments actually so if I want to post anything I need my laptop. Also, I’m constantly writing posts or editing pictures or figuring out designs for my blog and I can’t do that without the tools I have in my laptop, my phone is pretty useless here. I think a tablet like T100 will be ideal to help me edit my blog on the go.

2. Coursework:
All of my study material is on my laptop, which is a good thing because that means I won’t have to carry heavy course books with me all the time. I have dozens of pdfs and softwares that I need to use in an academic year. Luckily this year most of our assignments were to be submitted by soft copy, and that is so much more convenient handwritten assignments. I live and breathe Microsoft Office! T100 has a Windows 8 operating system, which means Office 2013 will be available at all times in my hand!

3. Reading ebooks:
Not every book is available in India, like the Southern Vampire Mysteries and The Lying Game Series. I’ve exclusively purchased these ebooks to read. Also, sites like Flipkart offer huge discounts on ebooks; I purchased Steve Jobs biography for 70% off from them! Reading ebooks on my phone screen however, is not good, especially for the eyes. So many times my dad has insisted, ‘Get a tablet!’ Wonder why I haven’t already? Because then I’ll have to carry laptop, camera, phone, tablet, everywhere. A laptop-tablet hybrid like T100 will definitely mitigate my problems.

4. Games:
Everyone who has a smartphone is addicted to atleast one game. My current obsession is Candy Crush Saga. Before you accuse me of being a kid, play the game first! I’ve played Where’s my Water, Plants vs Zombies-1 & 2, Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Temple Run-1&2, Unblock Me, Cordy Sky etc. and Candy Crush is as good as any of them.  Before Candy Crush, I was addicted to Subway Surfers. With softwares like Bluestacks, you can play this game on Windows OS as well,  which means that if I have T100, I don’t need my phone to play games!

5. Music:
Before I go to sleep everyday, I have to listen to music for at least half an hour! Sometimes I listen to music while studying as well. I won’t rant on this point to much because everyone is a music lover and you all know the importance of having a music player on the go. I’m not super happy with my my iPhone’s sound levels on speaker though, it could be so much better! My current favourite song is ‘Whatever You Like’ by Anya Marina (It’s a pretty old song though)

6. Movies and Serials and Youtube channels:
I’m actually addicted to Youtube makeup tutorials. Michelle Phan and Sineadycady are my favorites. I need to watch them every week, no matter where I am.  Since its vacations now, I’ve loaded up my laptop with all the movies and serials that I’ve missed! Watching movies on my laptop is my favourite pastime while travelling. Though my iPhone video quality is excellent, the sound levels are really low for movies so I don’t use it for that. This is why a tablet would make my life much simpler and I’ve heard that T100 has really good sound and movie quality!

7. Video Calls:
For 9-10 months in a year I live away from my family, in a college hostel. There are times when I can’t go home for weeks on end! Video calls really help bridge the gap. Though most of them leave me teary-eyed, I cherish each moment when I’m on a video chat with my parents. For a video call you need really strong internet connectivity and a good app. Skype is the best app for video calls! I usually have to alternate between using my phone and laptop depending on the internet connectivity. T100 seems to have superior internet connectivity and will probably be a solution to this problem!

8. Social Media:
 Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Whatsapp:

 Who isn’t on Facebook ? No one.  As students, we actually post notices on Facebook and Whatsapp, no one uses SMS for such things cause its more expensive! Social Media is also a great way to promote your blog. I spend hours in a day browsing Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds, it keeps me up-to-date on all the blogs I follow.  T100 seems to be a perfect integration between a laptop and a phone that will help me remain up-to-date on all my social media! 

Note: None of the images are owned by me


  1. Thats really nice..even i am an engineering student...

    1. Then we have a lot in common girl!

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  3. Nice! My blog, books, music keeps me busy too! :)
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    1. I'm following you since over a month hon. LOVE your blog! :*

  4. Ditto! I know what you mean! CAndy crush keeps me busy at work too sometimes :P hehe

    1. Aww, its way too addictive for our good!

  5. hahaha...Lovely! My Blog Nd tv series keeps me hooked too :)
    I love to watch Big Bang theory all the time...Lovely post Babe! :)


    1. Thank you Richa :* . I used to watch more than 7 serials, I had to leave all of them because of all my coursework and blog!


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