The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Shower Gel (Limited Edition)

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Shower Gel is actually a thick shower cream. Its not as thick as the Cocoa Butter Shower Cream, but its thicker than the Brazil Nut Shower cream, both of which I had tried last year. I love creamy shower gels during winter time but I would never spend as much on one. My sister however, had no qualms splurging on this bottle as its “limited edition” & “Christmas special”, although we both know that TBS offers almost the same flavors every Christmas – no innovation here ladies!

I have been using it for a month and I must say, The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Shower Gel smells delicious when you smell it from the bottle or take it out on your palm. However, when its in use, the smell is quite faint. Needless to say, after bath the scent is not detectable. It feels moisturizing but doesn’t actually hydrate my body, although that maybe because my skin is too dry. It has SLS, right there, as the second ingredient but there’s barely any lather when its in use. For something that’s limited edition and 1.5 times the price of the normal shower gels, I expected the ingredient list to be littered with less chemicals…oh well, wishful thinking! They also mention that its soap free on the bottle, but clearly its not detergent free..haha.

Price: Rs. 595/~ $9.7( Currently available on offers)
Qty: 250 ml
Shelf Life: 12 months
Overall Verdict: 3/5

The Vanilla Brulee Shower Gel is definitely a luxury buy because it is not different from any other TBS shower gels that I have tried. I do like it, but I would recommend you buy it if you get it at a discount.