EOS Organic Lip Balm Sphere in Summer Fruit And My Experience

Everyone has a list of items they covet, and it’s a human tendency I think (I am no psychologist), to want the things that are hard to get. Though I am a practical person and I don’t make wish lists of things that are impossible to have, I do have my moments when I see something so perfect that I feel it just has to be mine! But that list is something to be shared on another day, if at all.

Back in January, I got the chance to cross out two things from my list of coveted makeup. Yes, they are both lip balms, what can I say, I’m a lip balm junkie :P The first one was the Carmex Lip balm in Strawberry which is already reviewed and since its relatively easier to get, I’ll probably repurchase it my whole life because after trying lip balm Gods like “Carmex” and “eos”, Indian lip balms aren’t doing it for me anymore!

The second lip balm is of course the eos lip balm sphere to which this post is dedicated! I was able to acquire it through my friend who got it for me when she went on a US trip. I really think that this is the best way to get an eos lip balm in India, eBay India prices are ridiculous and all sellers charge a bomb to ship these to India, and in the end you may get an old product. Now enough with my ramblings, let the lip balm take the center stage.

EOS Organic Lip Balm Sphere in Summer Fruit review in India

Why do you covet the eos Lip balm sphere ?
What? I mean look at it! Its unique, cute as hell and everyone keeps raving on and on about it. I want to know what I’m missing. Unfortunately, it’s super hard to get in India. Also, its 100% natural, 95% organic, petroleum and paraben free. Plus it costs just $2.99, you can’t really beat that(although a lot of brands have spouted dupes now). Also, I want to know, does it ever melt or just stays like a dome all the time :P

See Ingredients:
EOS Organic Lip Balm Sphere in Summer Fruit review in India

According to the eos website, Summer Fruit is supposed to have flavors of strawberry, blueberry and peach. *drool*

Aren’t there enough lip balms in India? 
YES! There are way too many lip balms in India. 
But for 2.99x58=173Rs you won’t find any which are as good as this one. Ha!

Describe your first impression of the eos lip balm sphere in Summer Fruit
        I wasn’t blown away actually, because it was in this stupid plastic pack. Then once I tore peeled it off I saw that its packaging egg shaped and not a proper sphere. Petty, I know, but then I opened it and started snapping pics like crazy and slowly started liking it. It’s the most unique thing in my kit.

EOS Organic Lip Balm Sphere in Summer Fruit review in India
See the egg shape?
So, what’s the Summer Fruit lip balm like?
 For the first three months it was different. The sphere was stiff, I had to apply slight pressure, swipe a couple of times to get the balmy feeling on my lips. The lip balm had a “barely-there” feeling on my lips with 1-2 swipes. I really liked the light weight non waxy feeling, you might feel like the lip balm has not transferred fully onto your lips and may ending swiping a lot of it! 
It tastes so good, like a sweet fruit. Now after 3+ months of having it and using it on-off, the sphere is less stiff and the lip balm is more buttery and heavier on my lips, this might also be due to the warmer weather. Amazingly, the sphere has not melted off. It has a sweet smell that lingers for a few seconds. I think stays for about four hours on my lips. I feel that due its non-waxy texture, it doesn’t slide off the lips easily that’s why it lasts long.

The most important question: Does it live up to its hype?
Hell, yeah. 
In spite of having such a non balmy feeling on the lips, it nourishes my lips. Even though my lips may have chapped horribly, this lip balm fixes them overnight, if not in a few hours. Another big thing: It boosts the pinkness in my lips. My upper lip is super pigmented and my lower lip looks 5 shades lighter (almost white) than that when it’s not hydrated. A few minutes after applying this eos lip balm, my lower lip becomes 2-3 shades more pinker. 
It doesn’t reduce lip pigmentation though. It moisturizes and nourishes, needless to say, your lips will be soft. The effect lasts for 2 days and probably even more, if you’re regular with drinking water. Some lip balms are so bad because once they come off, your lips end up being chapped, but it is not so with the eos Summer Fruit lip balm.
This is not a tinted lip balm.

There are a few cons however:
Its not exactly handbag friendly to me and its packaging is made of a material which is a little dirt attracting. Also, Summer Fruit does not have any SPF in it.

Few pics of it!

The (boring) packaging
A sweet message on the pack

In case you want to know how the lid looks like :P
Cuteness overload!
Overall Verdict: 5/5
Because it hydrates, and that's what matters the most to me. 
The eos lip balm sphere in Summer Fruit is my lip-salve. I make sure that I’ve moisturized my lips with this balm a few hours prior to putting on any lipstick. I don’t need to apply a balm on top of my lipstick. It hydrates my lips so well. 
It’s all that I want in a lip balm. I highly recommend this lip balm to everyone, if you like non-sticky, light weight lip products, you will love this one!

I actually prefer EOS to Carmex!

What’s your favourite drug store lip balm ladies?